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Sl. No. Date Head Lines
1. 4-March-2024 'Jiten castigates ‘Tipra Motha’, trashes agreement with union home ministry
2. 4-March-2024 'Tripura Sarkari Karmachari Federation demand restoration of old pension policy, promise movement to protect the interests of employees and teachers
3. 4-March-2024 'Ad hoc promotion pending final judgment of the Supreme Court creates lot of complications and disparities
4. 4-March-2024 'Pension payment hiccups to veteran and retired journalists, who is to blame ?
5. 4-March-2024 'Bangladeshi faithful rape and behead Hindu woman ‘Pujari’ in Gopal Ganj, no police action or arrest
6. 4-March-2024 'The BJP Pristha Pramokh conference in Khowai evoked a huge response
7. 4-March-2024 'Police raided a gambling den at Khilpara in Kakraban, and arrested two
8. 4-March-2024 'Tripura’s indigenous RISHA accorded GI Tag, Chief Minister congratulates artisans
9. 3-March-2024 'Over 200 dogs participated in Tripura's first dog carnival
10. 3-March-2024 'Over 200 dogs participated in Tripura's first dog carnival
11. 3-March-2024 '107 girls dropped out for marriage brought back to schools
12. 3-March-2024 'Former NSUI president Samrat joins BJP, slams Cong for factionalism
13. 3-March-2024 'TIPRA agitation called off, Pradyot breaks fast
14. 3-March-2024 'Tipra motha founder Shri Pradyot Debbarman, may be the BJP candidate for the East Tripura Lok Sabha seat
15. 3-March-2024 'Tripura’s leading businessman Swapan Paul critically ill , under treatment in Calcutta’s AMRI hospital
16. 3-March-2024 'Biplab the new candidate, what about East LS seat and Ram Nagar by-poll