Circulars / Notices
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05/12/2023 Two TCS Officer Transfer Posting Shri Arjun Ch. Debnath, TCS Gr-II & Shri Biswajit Majumder, TCS Gr-II Details
05/12/2023 Two TCS Officer Transfer Posting Shri Uttam Mandal, TCS SSG & Shri Dhanbabu Reang, TCS SSG Details
01/12/2023 Shri Gitte Kirankumar Dinkarrao, IAS, Secretary to the Govt' of Tripura' industries & Commerce (IT) etc. will also hold the charge of Industries & commerce [excluding -THH&S Deptt. Details
01/12/2023 Dr. V, George Jenner, IFS (TR: 1996), Principal Secretary of Industries & Commerce Department, Tripura appointed as Deputy Director General of Forests (DDGF), Regional office, Chennai under the disposal of the Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change (MoEF&CC), Government of India for five years Details
01/12/2023 Transfer of Posting Two TCS Officer Shri Arjun Ch. Debnath, TCS Gr-II & Shri Biswajit Majumder, TCS Gr-II Details
28/11/2023 Dr. Debasish Basu - Discontinuation of Contractual Re-empt. Notification dt. 13/07/2023 - thereof. Details
28/11/2023 Sh. Tarun Kanti Debnath, IAS, Secretary_Charge of GA(SA) & GA(Pol.) - Reg. Details
28/11/2023 Re-allocation of charge arrangement during leave period of Dr. A.K. Bhattacharya, Spl. Secretary to Dr. P.K. Chakravarty, Secretary & Sh. Tarun Kanti Debnath, IAS, Secretary. Details
28/11/2023 Charges of Dr. D. Basu, IAS, on discontinuation of re-employment, Dt. 24-11-2023 Details
28/11/2023 Allocation of Deptts. among the Secys. Dt. 21-11-2023 Details
22/11/2023 Appointment of State Police Nodal Officer Details
22/11/2023 Transfer Order Dt.15.11.23 Details
17/11/2023 Seaver rainfall predicted on November 18 in Tripura's all district Details
15/11/2023 Transfer & Posting of 2 (two) nos IFS officer.,Shri R.K.Samal, IFS & Shri P.L.Agrawal, IFS Details
15/11/2023 Transfer order dt. 14.11.23,Shri S. Prabhu, IFS,2. Shri Udayan Sinha, TCS SSG Details
06/11/2023 Charge arrangement of Abhijit Choudhuri, TPS Gr - I Details
06/11/2023 Charge arrangement during tour of Sh Apurba Roy, Secy. Details
03/11/2023 MLA Shri Ranjit Das nominated as the Chairman of Agartala Cooperative Urban Bank Ltd. Details
26/10/2023 Shri Narayan Ch. Majumder, TCS Gr-II, Charge of Dy.Director, Treasuries Details
20/10/2023 Allocation Order of Pr. Secy and Secretaries on 18.10.2023 Details