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23-November-2021Public Work Department,Amarpur: Tender Replacement of Bailey Bridge by RCC bridge over local cherra on jatanbari to Lambacherra road at ch.14.80 km21-December-2021 View Details
19-November-2021Drinking Water sanitation,Udaipur: Tender for invites on behalf of the governor of Tripura single bid percentage rate e-tender from the approved and eligible contractors2-December-2021 View Details
18-November-2021Tripura Forest development & plantation corporation Limited,Agartala: Tender for Description of sheet rubber (RSS-I),(RSS-III),(RSS-IV),(RSS-V),ISNR-20,ISNR OFF GR & Cenex for sale.29-November-2021 View Details
12-November-2021Rural Development Department,Amarpur: Tender on Dated 22/11/2021 for 7 nos work Tender.Any subsequnt corrigendum will be available in the website only2-December-2021 View Details
12-November-2021Water Resource division,Agartala Division-II:Tender for earth work excavation and carriage of excavated earth by mechanical transport from back side of Rudrasagar to dumping station3-December-2021 View Details
12-November-2021Public Work Department,DWS Division Agartala-II : Tender for water supply scheme for the work as detailed below2-December-2021 View Details
23-December-2020Public Work Department,Amarpur: Tender for Press Notice Inviting e-tender no:-15/NIT/EE/PWD/AMP/2020-216-December-2021 View Details
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