Bizarre incident : mother kills naughty son in Jaynagar area of Agarala , arrested by police

By Our Correspondent

Agartala, June 11, 2024

In a bizarre incident a Mother, supposed to be a reservoir of tenderness and affection, killed her own son in Jaynagar area of Agartala yesterday and is currently in police custody. Police source said that Suprava Goala, a woman abandoned by her husband, had been living as a tenant in a rented house in Jaynagar area of Agartala near the Mahavir club.She used to work as an assistant labourer (Jugali) in consruction sites. But she had a tough time controlling her extremely naughty son Rajdeep Goala who used to create nuisance by stealing her money and wasting them for purchasing cheap things like ice cream and other things which the woman could not afford. Police sources said that Suprava Goala had to shift rented houses frequently because of the nuisance always created by her naughty son.

Yesterday she returned from work late in the afternoon and found her room at sixes and sevens and charged her son . As the son Rajdeep rudely replied and charged back at her the mother in Suprava disappeared and she hit her son hard with a club in her room, killing her son instantly. After coming to know of this the local people got agitated and demanded that Suprava be handed over to them but the police personnel from Battala who had already arrived managed to take away Suprava . She was handed over to the west Agartala women police station for custody. Sources said that police will seek remand of Suprava for interrogation after producing her in court. The reason for death of Suprava’s son Rajdeep will be known after post-mortemm sources added.

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