Depredations of monkeys make life hell for people in Ambassa and nearby areas

By Our Correspondent

Agartala, May 15, 2024

Rapid loss of forest cover and consequent loss of natural habitats of animals owing to human greed and avarice for money of forest department’s officers and employees have been creating serious problem for people in normal human habitations. This is evident most in large areas around Teliamura town where herd wild elephants descend from the Atharomura ranges in search of food and water following loss of natural habitats and sources of food have emerged as a mamor menace for the common people. During the past decade more than fifteen people have died while cropland with standing paddy and vegetables worth crores of rupees have been destroyed. The forest department has not been able to keep the elephants at bay.

But a new menace has emerged in and around Ambassa in Dhalai district. Hundreds of monkeys who normally live in forest areas of Atharomura and Longtarai ranges have been descending on human habitations and have been indiscriminately eating up and destroying the vegetables, fruits like mangoes and jackfruits at will causing massive damage to the people. The flocks of moneys have become so daring and desperate that they now chase away lathi-wielding people at their very sight and do whatever they like Interestingly, these monkeys specially target women and girls for attacks but fear only booming sounds. The people living in Ambassa and nearly areas have informed the forest department for help but the department has not taken any initiative to help people.

Similar problems have been reported from Surjyamoni Nagar araas south and west of the Tripura Central University with flocks of monkeys attacking households and eating up and destroying fruits and vegetables grown in the houses of people. This has been the case in Sarboom subdivision also as, having lost natural habitats and sources of food herds of monkeys have been invading human habitations. The people from all the affected areas have sought help from the forest department but no help has been forthcoming even as the problem continues to deteriorate.

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