Same convicted militant escaped from Tripura's Central Jail for the third time!

By Our Correspondent

Agartala, May 15, 2024

On the morning of April 14, NLFT militant Swarna Kumar Tripura, who was convicted in the trial that caused terror in the public mind, escaped from Bishalgarh Central Correctional Facility. He had escaped from jail twice before. The incident has raised questions about the security system of the central jail.

It is learned that the Central Jail has been operating with half the required manpower for the past several years. Inside the prisons, many of the daily tasks are done by the inmates. It has been going on for a long time. And everyone in the prison department knows what is the problem inside the central jail. But even after that there is no administrative intervention.

It is known that two prison guards have been dismissed after the militant escaped yesterday. But there is no action against those officer bureaucrats whose inactions these chaos was going on inside the central jail and in the other prisons due to wrong planning.

It is known that on Tuesday morning in the Central Correctional Center in Bishalgarh, while counting the prisoners, it was found that one prisoner was missing. Immediately when the counting of the prisoners started, it was seen that Swarna Kumar Tripura was absent from the counting. Immediately a search began inside and outside the penitentiary. But he was nowhere to be found.

It should be noted that this Swarnakumar Tripura was a very violent member of the NLFT militant group. He is accused of mass murder and murder of police personnel. He was also involved in various other crimes. It is known that in 2014, the police was able to arrest him in the case of theft and the murder of policeman Anga Mog.

He was sentenced in the trial and in the Central Correctional Institution at Bishalgarh. But, Swarnkumar managed to escape from the Bishalgarh Central Correctional Facility in December 2016 by resorting to various tricks. But he was arrested by the Manipur police for his mischief. The state police at that time brought him on transit remand as a criminal of the state and after the trial process he was once again placed in the correctional facility at Kanchanpur. But Swarnkumar Tripura escaped from Kannanpur Jail again in December 2022 by blinding the guards.

As usual at that time the police chase started with the incident of Swarna Kumar's escape. The state police was able to arrest him again from outside the state after many inquiries. Once again at the end of the trial process, his place was in the Bishalgarh Correctional Facility. But this time due to the negligence of the jail police working in the Central Central Correctional Facility, he escaped again for the third time.

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