Dismal results of 125 Vidyajyoti schools in Tripura, average 40 percent students fail, parents worries

By Our Correspondent

Agartala, May 15, 2024

40 percent students of 125 Vidyajyoti schools in the state, including the capital Agartala, could not clear this year's secondary and higher secondary CBSE board exams. These Bengali medium schools were brought under CBSE board three years ago without any infrastructure and trained teachers. Then Ratan Nath was the Minister of State Education Department and Soumya Gupta, IAS was the Secretary of state Education Department. Many educationists and parents in the state objected to the introduction of CBSE instruction in English in Bengali medium schools without infrastructure and trained teachers. But the then minister and secretary of the education department did not listen to anyone. On the contrary, some out-of-state NGOs have created more problems in providing training to teachers in Tripura. As a result, the students of those schools in Vidyajoti have performed poorly in the CBSE board first year examination. Up to 30 percent students fail in all schools in cities and suburbs. 40 to 60 percent students fail in Vidyajoti schools of the sub-divisional schools. But every private school in the state has done well in the CBSE board exam. More than 90 percent of students have passed in any private school.

The officials of the state education department are evading the answer to the questions of media persons why the Vidyajoti schools run by the state government have such bad results. The most surprising thing is that even in Vidyajoti schools in the capital Agartala, 30 percent students did not pass.

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