Tragic death of youth by drowning in Prem Sagar river near Kamthana in Bishalgarh subdivision

By Our Correspondent

Agartala, May 14, 2024

In a heart-rending tragedy a youth who had just passed the higher secondary examination of CBSE creditably died today by drowning in the Prem Sagar river near Kamthana west of Bishalgarh subdivisional town. Police sources said that Shubha Chowdhury (19), son of colour artisan Shankar Chowdhury of Gokulnagar under Bishalgarh subdivision, had gone to have bath in the Prem Sagar river near Kamthana with three other friends. None of his friends knew that Shubha did not know how to swim but all of them went down to the river.

There is a part of the small river in Kamthana marked as ‘Red Zone’ which means that the water level in that part is very deep but Shubha along with his three friends went ahead to the red zone. After some time all his friends came back ashore but Shubha did not. Alarmed by his absence Shubha’s friends and local people got in touch with the Fire Brigade authority in Bishalgarh and asked them to rush to the place. There was genuine fear that Shubha had drowned in the deeper part of the river. The Fire Brigade workers searched for him for two hours in the deeper part of the Red Zone in the river and finally found Shubha’s lifeless body. His body was carried to Bishalgarh hospital where Shubha was declared ‘brought dead’ .

By this time his parents and relatives had reached Bishalgarh hospital after receiving information and all of them broke down in tears over the heart-wrenching tragedy at a time when they were celebrating Shubha’s good result in the CBSE’s class XII exam. The MLA of Bishalgarh Sushanta Deb and other BJP leaders and workers rushed to the hospital and conveyed their condolences to the bereaved family members.

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