Panisagar sub-post office MD Purabi Nath embezzles Rs 15 lakhs, flees area

By Our Correspondent

Agartala, May 14, 2024

The women are generally known to be more honest than their male counterparts in financial matters but the longstanding belief is getting gradually shattered by the misdeeds and corrupt practices of a section women employees in various government departments. The latest such case relates to the embezzlement of at least Rs 15 lakhs by the MD-full form of the abbreviation in this context is unknown-of Panisagar sub-post office of north Tripura.

According to information available from west Panisagar in north Tripura district, Purabi Nath , MD of the sub-post office, had taken advantage of the faith and credulity of the customers and had not deposited their savings money for a long time. In many cases she had kept the pass-books along with money deposited by the customers and did not actually register the amounts of money in post office records officially. Yesterday a large number of depositors went to the Panisagar sub-post office to take back their pass-books but did not find Purabi Nath and had to return empty-handed. The news about this spread like wildfire and many customers thronged the sub-post office.

Speaking on this the branch manager of the sub-post office Tina Dey said that after she had joined service here in May last year she has been made aware of many complaints about the mischievous activities of Purabi Nath. She also said that Purabi Nath had coped her signature on official records to carry on her corrupt activities . Tina De said that she has brought all these to the notice of higher authority but no action has so far been taken, nor any police case been filed against fugitive Purabi Nath.

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