‘Tipra Motha’ and BJP causing great damage to Tripura’s tribal communities’, Jiten

By Our Correspondent

Agartala, April 2, 2024

BJP is passing through evil days in the state , specially among the tribal communities who do not accept the party as their own . This is the reason why the BJP has failed to find a tribal candidate for itself for the Loksabha and has been forced to borrow a candidate from its ally the ‘Tipra Motha’ which has taken the tribal people for a ride . Stating this in an election meeting at Santir Bazar in favour of CPI (M) candidate for the East Tripura Loksabha seat Rajendra Reang, the CPI (M) state secretary and central committee member Jiten Chowdhury said that what the BJP has done is tantamount to insulting the people of the state.

Yesterday the CPI (M) party workers and supporters organised processions in Jolaibari, Koaiphang,Surjaybari etc in favour of party candidate Rajendra Reang and later converged on Santir Bazar for the central rally. While addressing the rally Jiten Chowdhury lashed out at the ‘Tipra Motha’, asserting that ‘it is due to only partisan and personal interest that the Motha chief has played with the emotion and sentiment of the tribal people . “At first the so-called pro-tribal IPFT had brought the BJP to state power in 2028 and then in 2023 the ‘Tipra Motha’ helped BJP recapture power even though the party was in the cusp of electoral debacle” said Jiten. He also taunted the ‘Tipra Motha’ for its illusory demand for ‘Greater Tipraland’ and for helping the BJP in the election.

Jiten rued that under the BJP rule the fourteen lakh tribal people have not seen any development or upgradation of their miserable life-styles but the pockets of leaders of leaders of IPFT and ‘Tipra Motha’ have been filled up. “The ‘Motha’ has been in power in ADC over the past three years but they have done absolutely nothing to work for the development of the tribal people; starvation , semi-starvation, lack of work and earning have been haunting the tribals as before but the ‘Motha’ leadership have been busy in touring to Delhi and around the country; what actually have done for the tribal development” Jiten asked pointedly. He also blamed the ‘Tipra Motha’ and BJP for importing a candidate for Loksabha from outside the state. “The BJP and ‘Tipra Motha’ have actually betrayed the tribal people; the real friends of the tribal people as well as of the poor and downtrodden were the leftists but now they are ruining the lives and livelihood of the people of the state; they are destroying the people of the state” said Jiten. He asserted that in case the BJP win the Loksabha election with the power of black money, there will be no other election in the country in future and the constitution will be dumped . Jiten called upon people to vote for the left front candidate Rajendra Reang to protect their future.

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