Labour unrest in tea gardens under Bamutia assembly constituency, one day’s work suspended in Harendra Nagar tea garden

By Our Correspondent

Agartala, September 16, 2023

Largescale labour unrest has been reported from the seven tea gardens under Bamutia assembly constituency in Mohanpur subdivision. The discontent of the garden labourers came to the fore this morning in the Harendra Nagar tea estate where the labourers had gheraoed the tea garden office . But as a retaliatory measure the garden management suspended today’s work for the 200 labourers . Sources from Bamutia said that the labourers of seven tea gardens in Bamutia are plagued by many problems like irregular payment of wages, lack of medical and residential facilities, irregular ration and denial of other facilities to the garden labourers even though these facilities are the legitimate dues of the workers.

Since the workers had come out in protest and gheraoed the garden office police personnel from Bamutia outpost had been informed and they arrived in strength . The police did not have to use any coercive measure as the labourers after a primary discussion with police dispersed but they are seething with anger against the Harendra Nagar tea garden management over their continuous deprivation of all due facilities. Sources said that unless the garden managements take appropriate measures for coping with labour discontent , the labourers of all seven tea gardens of Bamutia will launch an agitational programme together.

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