Inner bickering in ruling party comes to the fore, Biplab Deb starts guerrilla warfare

By Our Correspondent

Agartala, May 25, 2023

The increasingly strident inner bickering of BJP have now started coming to the fore with the ousted former chief minister Biplab Kumar Deb launching what looks like a guerrilla warfare against his bête noire , the chief minister Dr Manik Saha. Of late in a ‘Karyakarini Baithak’ (executive committee meeting) held in Charilam the chief minister had asked party leaders and workers not to refer to ‘Tipra Motha’ chief Pradyot Kishore as ‘Maharaja’ or ‘Bubagra’. In theoretical terms the chief minister can not be faulted for his advice as in a democratic polity no individual-howsoever high- has the right to be addressed as ‘Maharaja’ but Biplab Deb, unceremoniously ousted and long deprived of the loaves and fishes of power, seems to have scented an opportunity. In a social media post he reminded people how Agartala airport had been renamed MBB airport and how many other things had been done to honour the anachronistic royal family, little realizing that the steps had been taken to honour those who had been bona fide kings or ‘Maharajas’. It was Biplab Deb’s thoughtless decision to burden over-populated Tripura with thirty five thousand Reang refugees-practically all cultural aliens-at the behest of Pradyot Kishore who is now desperate to secure recognition from Centre through appointment of an ‘interlocutor’.

Before the Charilam ‘Karyakarini Baithak’ Biplab had again tried to fish in troubled water, stating in a press conference that the party here is being under ‘external influence’ and had also called a meeting in Charilam. But following serious complaints from the state party Biplab was summoned to Delhi and chided for his indiscretion and overenthusiasm for regaining power. Biplab now seems to have retaliated by projecting his genuflection at the altar of Tripura’s royalty. Apart from this, Pratima Bhowmik also seems to have emerged as a major dissident following failure to capture the post of chief minister. Despite being present in the meeting hall she did not initially take the dais and kept sitting in the hall and it finally took intervention from Tripura observer Dr Mahesh Sharma to take her briefly to the dais . Needless to say, this left a bitter taste in the minds of all those present in the ‘Karyakarini Baithak’.

Meanwhile, Pradyot Kishore seems to have launched his negative politics by sponsoring his supporters in Takarjala to organise a procession to protest the chief minister’s comment on his status. The sick man seems still unreconciled to the fact that he is no longer what his ancestors had been-kings by right and acceptance. He cleverly made his mischievous plans clear in chats with journalists after landing at Agartala airport, asserting “if the BJP think they can rule the state by leaving out 30% people they can try , we will also see”. He seems to be oblivious to the fact that BJP had also won 7 out of 20 tribal reserve seats and is possessed of considerable support base. His final card , as reflected from the gems and pearls of his wisdom, is that he is planning a shaper ethnic polarization to achieve his ends , losing sight of the disastrous consequences for personal ambition. Romance at short notice seems to be his speciality !

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25.05.2023Madhab Deb Barma[email protected]Is this news article or some venom filled personal opinion of the writer of this article? I have been observing your articles on Bubagra has been very sharply communal tones and very personal filled with hatred rhetoric for many many months now. Are you a mouthpiece of Amra Bangali party - the extremist right wing Bengalis outfits? Clarify who are you in next article - whether a communal Amra Bangali mouthpiece or a genuine news portal.