Belonia’s Kala Manik arrested by police on FIR filed by rival gang

By Our Correspondent

Agartala, May 24, 2023

In a development fraught with far reaching consequences the police in Belonia today , acting at the behest of higher authority, arrested the terror of Belonia Manik Das alias ‘Kala Manik’ for alleged vandalizing the house of a rival BJP youth leader Jaideep Saha. Police sources said that ‘Kala Manik’ and his gang had brought in a Ananda Mela party from outside the state for staging shows in the heart of the town upon a signed contract. But the rival gang of BJP supporters led by Jaideep Saha had allegedly objected on the Ananda mela event, which refused to oblige as they had been contracted by ‘Kala Manik’. This led to tension between the two rival BJP groups in the town to the terror of local people as members of the two groups had started fighting with each other over the past few days. Fed up with the extortionist activities of the Jaideep Saha group, ‘Kala Manik’ and his followers had planned to retaliate and invaded the residence of Jaideep in Madhyapara area and totally vandalised and ransacked it on Monday last . Since Jaideep Saha is also a member of the local ‘Mandal’ his family members filed a FIR with the Belonia police station making allegations of attacks on their house against ‘Kala Manik’ and his accomplices.

The police which normally avoids taking action in such cases had received instruction from higher police and possibly political authority and arrested ‘Kala Manik’ for having vandalised the house of Jaideep Saha though no action was taken against the latter for his extortionist activities. The ‘Kala Manik’ was produced in court today but Kala Manik himself fell sick in court and doctor had to be called in to check him up. Upon the doctor’s certification the magistrate court granted bail to ‘Kala Manik’.

However , sources said that today’s arrest is also a reflection of the inner bickerings of ruling BJP as nabbed ‘Kala Manik’ reportedly enjoys patronage of dissident group while Jaideep Saha is patronized by others. Sources from Belonia said that having done with attacking and oppressing the opposition CPI (M), the BJP in Belonia has now engaged in bitter factional feuds over sharing of spoils and extortion. During the past five years Belonia has emerged as a hotbed of drug peddling and extortion from people and while earlier the CPI (M) supporters were the victims now the BJP workers and supporters themselves have started fighting over the sharing of spoils of illegal business and extortion.The chief minister Dr Manik Saha and the top BJP leadership have however taken a stern view of the lawlessness created by a section of mafia elements among the party workers and supporters. The chief minister is reported to have sternly warned the police to take suitable action against all crimes.

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