‘Tipra Motha’ likely to extend support to BJP government and join ministry after appointment of interlocutor

By Our Correspondent

Agartala, March 17, 2023

Having erased the shrill rhetoric over demands for illusory ‘Greater Tipraland’ and ‘Tipraland’ from its political vocabulary , the ‘Tipra Motha’ is now preparing to extend support to the BJP government and join the ministry once the face-saving measure of appointing an ‘interlocutor’ is initiated by union home ministry, as promised, for solution to developmental problems of the tribal community. This was made clear by reliable sources close to the royal ‘Ujjayanta Palace’ who confided that senior intelligence bureau official A.K.Misra is expected to be appointed as the ‘interlocutor’ soon. This will pave the way for ‘Tipra Motha’ extending support to the BJP government and joining the ministry. The ‘Motha’ supremo Pradyot Kishore who is now desperate over appointment of an ‘interlocutor’ as a face-saving device before he departs for abroad for treatment is all set to support the government and accept ministerial berths for his party once the much-awaited announcement is made.

The BJP which has a slim majority in the assembly with 31 seats after the resignation of Pratima Bhowmik plus one seat from IPFT also needs the support of ‘Tipra Motha’s 13 MLAs for smooth running of the assembly. Besides, the by-election to the Dhanpur assembly seat vacated by Pratima Bhowmik has to be held within next six months and to retain the seat for the party ‘Tipra Motha’s support will be required. It was because of more than 8 thousand votes taken away by the ‘Motha’ candidate Amiya Dayal Noatia that Pratima had comfortably won the Dhanpur seat, a traditional stronghold of the CPI (M) since the year 1972. Sources said that it is because of this mutuality of political interest that the promised ‘interlocutor’ will be appointed soon to secure ‘Motha’s support to the government.

There is another unstated threat : unless Pradyot gives green signal for his party’s support to the government and joining of ministry, the BJP leadership will sooner or later break the ‘Motha’ and wean away sufficient number of its MLAs with allurements of slush money and ministerial berths . In order to ward off such an inevitability Pradyot is desperate on the face-saving formula of appointment of an ‘interlocutor’ to keep his party together in the coming days also.

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