Mamata holds meeting, calls upon people to vote for Trinamool to gain benefits given in West Bengal

By Our Correspondent

Agartala, February 7, 2023

The Trinamool Supremo and West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee today addressed a meeting on the road in front of Rabindra Shata Varshiki Bhawan and called upon the people to vote for her party for all round development as extended to the people of West Bengal during her regime. Mamata, accompanied by Abhishek Banerjee, arrived here essentially to cut into opposition votes to help the BJP indirectly. She had walked in a procession through Agartala town, followed by Abhishek and party leaders from West Bengal and Tripura, before addressing the meeting in front of Rabindra Shata Varshiki Bhawan.

Abhishek Banerjee’s introductory speech in the rally was replete with usual rhetorical bambasts about what all had been done for people in West Bengal and then Mamata took over to lambast the CPI (M) and Congress alliance , describing it as ‘anti-people’ and terroristic regime as witnessed in West Bengal under the left. “In Tripura the Congress and CPI (M) have forged an alliance and in West Bengal the BJP, Congress and CPI (M) have forged another alliance which of course will be rejected by people” said Mamata. She recalled her several earlier visits to Tripura and said that she is aware of the society and politics of the state.

Mamata also promised to extend all the benefits she has given to people in West Bengal to Tripura like the ‘Kanyasri’, ‘Swasthya Sathi’, ‘Krishak Kalyan’, ‘Duare Sarkar’, Sabuz Sathi’, ‘Student Credit Card’ and a host of populist schemes . Mamata also lashed out at the lack of development in Tripura as well as at the critical law and order situation and high incidence of crimes against women. She asserted that Tripura will have all-round development under the Trinamool regime, if voted to power. On the critical issue of unemployment problem Mamata said that all vacant government posts will be filled up and opportunities for self-employment will be created. “At the national level the unemployment rate at present is 40% but in West Bengal this has come down to zero ; the same thing will be replicated in Tripura if we receive your blessings” said Mamata.

Mamata also dropped a hint that in the Loksabha elections next year the BJP may lose in spite of all their machinations. “This party gives lot of promises but never keep them , this has already been proved ; so we will see to it that they lose the Loksabha polls next year ; the central government headed by BJP do not even clear the dues of the states on GST, MGNREGA wages etc” said Mamata. She added that irrespective of defeat or loss she will again come to Tripura.

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