Bijay Hrangkhal said nothing was achieved in the Delhi meeting, an official handed over a four-page draft paper of the promises

By Our Correspondent

Agartala, January 25, 2023

Tipra Matha's meeting with the Home Ministry did not come out positive. Bijay Hrangkhal from Delhi said that an official of the Home Ministry had handed over a draft statement full of promises to them. It does not mention the demand for Greater Tipraland or an independent Tipra State. It contains some interesting promises about what the central government wants to do for the protection and financial prosperity of the people of ADC and tribal areas of Tripura. The promises mentioned have been discussed earlier during the peace talks with militant groups in the North East.

Bijay Hrangkhal said that they could not read what is mentioned in the draft of the pledge today. Draft copy is with Pradyot Bikram. They will study it in a day or two and try to understand what it contains. They did not gain much by rushing to Delhi after receiving an urgent summons today in the face of the Tripura assembly polls, so it is clearly understood from the words of Bijay Hrangkhal. Bijay Hrangkhal along with five other senior Tipra Matha leaders went to Delhi today on the invitation of Union Ministry of Home Affairs.

According to the news received from Delhi, yesterday midnight, the Central Ministry of Home Affairs called Tipra Matha chief Pradyot Bikram Kishore Debbarman to go to Delhi to discuss the grievances of Tipra Matha. Pradyot Bikram himself was in Delhi at that time. Pradyot Bikram, after receiving the invitation of the Ministry of Home affairs, hoped that maybe the Ministry of Home affairs would announce some positive decisions as per Tipra Matha's demand, which could be capitalized upon and discussed with the BJP regarding the election tie-up. But the Tipra Matha leaders visiting Delhi could not be happy with the way the Home Ministry handed over a draft commitment letter.

Notably,Bijay Hrangkhal, Animesh Debbarma, Chittaranjan Debbarma and Mebar Kumar Jamatia have gone to Delhi by buying tickets for the noon flight today.

On behalf of Tipra Matha, Bijay Hrangkhal and others together demanded the Home Ministry official in Delhi to constitutionally divide Tripura and form a separate independent Tipra State to the Union Ministry of Home Affairs.

When asked whether any positive decisions were made in today's meeting, Bijay Hrangkhal said, "What has been discussed is subject to discussion." Bijay Hrangkhal also said, they told the Home Ministry official about their demand for separate Tipra Land or Greater Tipra Land. No clear written response was received in this regard. In response to the question whether they will join with the BJP in the elections, he said that they will not compromise on votes with anyone unless they get a written promise.

What we want for the tribal people of Tripura is within the constitutional framework," Bijay Hrangkhal told this to in a telephonic interview from Delhi tonight. Bijay Hrangkhal also said, if it is difficult to accept the demand of Greater Tipraland, then we should declare a separate state for us with the vast area of ADC like Telangana. But the Home Ministry has not promised anything in this regard.

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26.01.2023Bikash[email protected]Being a State Portal, What are you posting?? I can see your post about Tipra Motha as Tipra Matha?? Which you are doing willingly? Illiterate reporter