Dr Ashok Sinha’s acerbic comment triggers reaction in state police, resentment grows

By Our Correspondent

Agartala, January 25, 2023

The BJP vice president and spokesperson Dr Ashok Sinha’s acerbic comment on state police, describing them as a ‘bunch of clowns’, has triggered serious reaction and resentment in the minds of state police. Yesterday in the morning the BJP SC ‘Morcha’ chief in Banamalipur Suman Das had been assaulted by a group of persons over business deals and transactions in Aralia area of Banamalipur assembly constituency. While undergoing treatment in GBP hospital Suman had disclosed the names of two persons involved in the attack and the police duly arrested them. Initial police investigations revealed that the attack had happened over a business deal and transaction and this was mentioned in a ‘Facebook’ post of the police.

But things started changing as during his visit to GBP hospital to see injured Suman Das, the chief minister Dr Manik Saha described the attack as an incident of political violence, holding Congress responsible for this. Dr Ashok Sinha also did the same and in his media briefing in BJP office in the evening Dr Ashok Sinha sharply challenged the police version, sticking to the point that Suman Das had been victim of politically motivated attack. Later he posted a comment in social media terming the police as ‘a bunch of clowns’ on the basis of a yarn he had invented .

Speaking on condition of anonymity a police officer described the comment as ‘unfortunate and regrettable’. “We had posted a comment on the basis of our investigation and after a few hours we had also conceded that the attack might also have been political by nature; now calling us names for this terming us clowns is really shocking ; the political leaders should think of our position before posting such comments” said the police officer, refusing to be quoted.

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