BJP attack Congressmen with stone pelting , fifteen Congressmen including Sudip Roybarman

By Our Correspondent

Agartala, August 11, 2022

At least fifteen Congressmen including MLA and senior leader Sudip Roybarman ,former Youth Congress president Sushanta Chakraborty, Asish Saha and PCC president Birajit Sinha sustained injuries heavy stone-pelting by BJP’s goons and mafia elements as they were being brought by police in custody after arrest. While other injured workers including Sushanta Chakraborty were admitted to GBP hospital, Sudip Roybarman who had sustained serious head injury was admitted to ILS hospital.

The PCC president Birajit Sinha said that they had gone to Ghoramara bridge area under Ranir Bazar police station in the afternoon to attend a pre-scheduled programme of meeting and joining. But the police said that permission had not been granted. After some arguments and speech making the Congress leaders and workers launched a road blockade programme . As a result police arrested almost 250 Congress workers and were brining them under arrest to police reserve in Agartala . But on the way groups of criminals and mafia elements owing allegiance to BJP started stone pelting on the passing vehicles . They had tried the same thing in the Ghoramara bridge aream without daring to come close but along the way they resorted to heavy stone-pelting even though the vehicles were under police escort . The police took no action to deal with the situation.

As a result of stone pelting fifteen Congress leaders and workers including Sudip Roybarman and Sushanta Chakraborty were injured . Sudip Roybarman was admitted to ILS hospital while Sushanta Chakraborty was first admitted to TMC hospital and then shifted to GBP hospital. “This was done in a pre-planned manner and the police did nothng ; the BJP miscreants now do not dare to come near to physically attack and resort to stone-pelting from afar ‘ for today’s incident the actual man responsible is minister Sushanta Chowdhury and we demand his sacking from the ministry” said Birajit.

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