Tribal teenager dies by suspected snake bite, wrong treatment suspected, no wound on body

By Our Correspondent

Agartala, August 5, 2022

In a bizarre incident a tribal teenager Imon Tripura (11) died by suspected snake bite, leaving a lot of misgivings. It is suspected that Imon might have died from wrong treatment as there was no sign of injury on his body. Giving details police sources said Imon Tripura, son of Rupam Tripura of Barpathari Wangcherra area under Belonia subdivision , had waked up last night around 3-00 AM crying and holding a poisonous looking snake in his hand under the mosquito net fitted above his bed.

Hearing his cries his father Rupam rushed in and Imon showed that he had been bitten on his cheek . He was taken to a village sorcerer who was Imon’s grand father by relation. But since Imon’s condition continued to deteriorate he was taken to Sonapur primary health centre in Barpathari and two injections were pushed into his body. But Imon showed no sign of improving and was taken to Belonia hospital where he was treated but Imon succumbed soon and breathed his last . Finally his father Rupam took his body on his shoulder and quietly went back home broken-hearted. Many people in the hospital and around it could not check tears over the heart-wrenching sight .

Sources from Belonia however said that there was no bike mark on Imon’s body and he might have died from wrong treatment . A demand for inquiry has also been raised by people who witnessed the incident of tragic death of the teenaged boy.

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