Hope we will get everyone's cooperation and tripurainfo Mega Quiz will be successful this year too

Jayanta Debnath

Tripurainfo.com is a news and information based website that is playing a leading role in the world of Tripura news, promoting Tripura at home and abroad. The website got off to a good start in 2001 and Tripurainfo.com is about to turn 20 years old now. In addition to providing important news, Tripurainfo.com in its social media Knowledge of all levels is thirsty every year as a pledge of commitment. All Tripura Mega Quiz being organized at the state level is a special social event and has been associated with the main activities of Tripurainfo.com since 2006. From the very beginning of the mega quiz the show has achieved fancy success. In the presence of renowned quiz masters, this mega quiz program organized by Tripurainfo.com with all the informative questions and interesting prizes from home and abroad is very popular among the people of the state, especially among the students.

The Tripurainfo mega quiz program is graced by the state's renowned quiz masters like Shri Abhijit Bhattacharya and Shri Nandu Panikkar, Dr MJ Pannikar and the record holder in the Limca Book of Worlds Shri Bharat Jain from Hyderabad and renowned event anchor like Pravin Sethia from Kolkata.

In the very first year, there was a great enthusiasm among the students of the state for this mega quiz. The then Chief Minister Shri Manik Sarkar, who was present at the first edition of the quiz event, took a close look at it and asked the authorities at Tripurainfo.com specially Chief editor Shri Sekhar Dutta to consider whether the event could be made an annual event. Responding to the request of Shri Sarkar since 2006, this event is constantly happening. But Tripurainfo is not alone, due to the sincere cooperation of many eminent journalists, intellectuals, lawyers, engineers, doctors, government officials, employees and various others non-government organizations in the state, it has been possible to continue this program in spite of the difficult Covid situation too.

Many people said, Tripurainfo Mega Quiz is also an annual festival for the people of the state, especially the people of Agartala, due to the sincerity and selflessness of people from all walks of life. We believe that our efforts will increase the interest of people from all walks of life in the state, especially among the unemployed youths and students, to know the unknown, including the country and abroad.

To make this annual event of knowledge a success, since the first year, almost every government and non-government organization in the state has been providing support and assistance in various ways, mainly due to the sincere support of these sponsors. We hope that the support of these social, governmental and non-governmental organizations will continue in the future and we will continue our efforts to enrich the knowledge base of people from all walks of life in the state, especially the habit of reading books outside the textbooks. I would like to thank all those who support for making the All Tripura Mega Quiz a success by attending every year in large numbers.

This year the All Tripura Mega Quiz organized by Tripurainfo.com will be held on 19th December 2021. This mega quiz program, which is open to quiz lovers from all walks of life, including school and college students, has entered its 16th year this year.

Due to the difficult situation in Corona, it has been decided to hold the event again this year in a limited range with relatively few contestants and spectators. All the contestants have to register their names online. There is no need to pay any registration fee to register the name this year. Registration can be done online from 6 pm on November 10 to 6 pm on December 18 by visiting the Tripurainfo-website online without registration fee. However, like last year, this year also there will not be 2 contestants in each team to take part in the main competition. There will be only one contestant in each team in this year again. The competition will start on 19th December at 10.30 am through screening test. Sixteen contestants will be selected through screening test and the final will be with eight contestants. To participate in the screening test, contestants need to bring along a printed copy of the registration form filled online.

The main attraction of this year's quiz will be a special quiz round on multiple topics of topical context in the audience round. Students of any profession, age and class can take part in the audience round by sitting in the audience seats. Like every year, this year also there are various interesting prizes in the main competition and audience round. No registration is required to take part in the audience round.

This year too, Abhijit Bhattacharya, Principal of School of Science, Nandu Panikkar, another renowned quiz master of the state and Bharat Jain from Hyderabad will be the quiz masters. In addition, Dr. MJ Panikkar, a former quiz master of Info Mega Quiz, will conduct a special round of online quiz in Agartala from far away Oman. The program will be hosted by Red FM renowned radio jockey Prabin Sethia. Deputy Chief Minister Jishnu Devvarma and former Chief Minister Manik Sarkar and Tarun Malik, asset manager cum executive director of ONGC Tripura Project, have agreed to attend the inaugural session. Minister for Information Culture and Youth Affairs Sushanta Chowdhury and several other distinguished guests will be present at the award ceremony and inaugural session.

The last date to register for the competition is December 18 at 6 pm. Register online through the website www.tripurainfo.com. The main competition of this year's mega quiz will start from 10:30 am on December 19 and will continue till 6 pm. Competitors must be present by ten o'clock in the morning. To register and to know more details, please contact Tripurainfo.com, Post Office Chaumuhani, Agartala Phone - 0361-241-3946, 0381-2380566.

For registration online pls click: https://tripurainfo.com/Quiz-Registration/registration.aspx

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