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14-December-2017Public Work Department, Sonamura :Tender for Restoration/Up-gradation of 1) Road near Bahar Mia’s house at Purbapara under Putia G.P. 2) Sonamura-Boxanagar PWD road to Jitendra Das house(L=170.00mtr)20-December-2017
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13-December-2017Public work Department,Agartala:Tender for PRESS NOTICE INVITING TENDER NO: 12/EE/WRD-I/2017-1823-December-2017
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11-December-2017Public Work Department,Sonamura: Tender for Improvement of road from Barpathar to Telkajla-Kalakhet road (near Bairagimura) (L=2.08 Km / portion from ch. 0.00km to ch.1.04km)19-December-2017
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11-December-2017Public Work Department,Kanchanpur:Tender for Mtc. Ofroad from Sermun-I to SK Tlangsang durng the year 2017-2018/SH:-Formation of road by earth cutting chainage from 0.00 km to 1.10 km (Total length=6.135 km).26-December-2017
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8-December-2017PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT,Pecharthal: Tender for Improvement of different L..I schemes under Water Resource Sub-division, Panisagar during 2017-18/ S.H:- Mtc of pump Motor for Damcherra Block & Panisagar Nagar Panchayet.15-December-2017
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8-December-2017Public Work Department,Kailashahar:Tender for Mtc. of road from Dalugoan to Pechardahar School during the year 2017-18( L-2.6 Km)/SH: Patch soling,patch metalling,grouting,recarpetting etc complete/Group –I /Ch. 0.00Km to 1.50 Km.18-December-2017
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8-December-2017Public Work Department,Belonia: Tender for Maintenance of road from Ratanpur-Manirampur road to Kasimpara (Length=1.50 km)./ SH:-Formation, Flat brick soling, Brick drain, RCC Box culvert, Metalling, Carpeting, WBM and allied works.22-December-2017
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7-December-2017Public Work Department,Kunjaban:Tender for PRESS NOTICE INVITING TENDER NO: 11/EE/WRD-I/2017-1820-December-2017
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7-December-2017Public Work Department,Udaipur:Tender for Mtc. Of road from Uttar Kalaban G.P. Office to Tulamura road (L=3.10 Km)/ SH: Metalling, Carpeting, seal coat, road side drain, & toe wall, cross drainage works15-December-2017
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6-December-2017Public work Department,Agartala:Tender for FDR/Protection of T.K. Road at Dwarikapur old Kalibari from erosion of Khowai river under Kalyanpur R.D. block during the year 2017-18/ SH:- Bank revetment work by Cement concrete block.(Length= 150 mtr)22-December-2017
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