Indigo Flight Delay and Its Consequences A personal account of a harrowing experience with Indigo Airlines

Biswanath Bhattacharya

July 1, 2024, 08:17:41   

Indigo Flight Delay and Its Consequences A personal account of a harrowing experience with Indigo Airlines

On 1st June 2024, my daughter-in-law, my wife and I boarded an Indigo flight from Agartala to Delhi Vide PNR Number QSVWBVV (Flight-6E2306) to Delhi. We were expecting a smooth and comfortable journey, but we were met with delays, mishaps, and negligence from the airline staff. Our luggage, which contained crucial medicines for my wife's diabetes, was misplaced and arrived late. This caused a severe health emergency for my wife, who suffered from high blood sugar levels and became critically ill. Let me narrate our ordeal and how Indigo failed to provide adequate customer service and care.

Our flight was scheduled to depart at 1545 hours on 1st May 2024. We reached the airport two hours before the actual journey and, therefore, well in advance and checked in our luggage. However, we were informed that the flight was delayed by two hours due to technical issues. We were not given any further details or explanation. We had to wait for the boarding announcement in the crowded and uncomfortable lounge. We were already anxious and frustrated, as we had planned our itinerary in Delhi and had some necessary appointments to attend.

As we boarded the plane, we were shocked to hear that our luggage and some other passengers would not arrive until 11 PM. This was a significant inconvenience, as we had packed some essential items, including my wife's diabetes medication, in our luggage. We had assumed that our luggage would be on the same flight as us, and we had not carried any spare medicine in our hand baggage. We tried to explain our situation to the cabin crew, but they seemed indifferent and unhelpful. They said they could not do anything about it and that we had to wait for our luggage to arrive at the Delhi airport. They did not offer any apology or compensation for the inconvenience caused.

After a long and tiring flight, we reached Delhi at about 2000 hours. We hoped our luggage would be there soon, but we were disappointed to find no trace of it. We contacted the Indigo customer service desk, but they were clueless and unresponsive. They said they had no information about our luggage and that we had to wait for an update. They did not show any empathy or concern for our plight. They did not even offer us any refreshments or accommodation. We were left to fend for ourselves in the unfamiliar and crowded airport. My wife's blood sugar levels were rising, and she was feeling dizzy and weak. She needed her insulin injection urgently, but we had no access to it. 

We felt At about 11 PM, our luggage finally arrived after a long and agonizing wait. We rushed to collect it and opened it to find my wife's medicine. However, by then, it was too late. My wife had become critically ill, and she collapsed on the floor. She was sweating profusely and breathing heavily. She was in a state of diabetic ketoacidosis, a life-threatening condition that occurs when the body does not have enough insulin. I panicked and called for help, but the Indigo staff did not care. They did not offer any medical assistance or call for an ambulance. They acted as if it was not their problem and were not responsible for what had happened. They did not even apologize or express any regret. They were cold and indifferent, and they treated us like a nuisance. I felt outraged and betrayed by their attitude and behaviour. I had to call a taxi and take my wife to the nearest hospital, where she was admitted and treated. She recovered after a few days, but she was traumatized by  the course of events.

Had my wife collapsed, Indigo could be made accountable? No amount of money or accountability could have compensated the loss. A son would have lost his mother and a husband, his wife. I shudder to dream even.