R.K. Ranjan Singh

March 14, 2024, 15:14:17   


After assuming office of Minister of State for External Affairs in July 2021, the Union Minister of State Rajkumar Ranjan Singh undertook different activities for the welfare of the people of the country. Economic Diplomacy Division in Ministry of External Affairs was placed under his charge since July 2021. Being from the North East and given the importance accorded by the Prime Minister for growth and development of North East Region, as Minister of State responsible for Economic Diplomacy in Ministry, he did his best to acquaint those entrepreneurs who dealt in small and medium businesses of North East about international business opportunities.

R K Ranjan said, “To this end, I personally participated in 20 Confederation of Indian Industry organised meetings to speak about international business opportunities for those dealing in small and medium businesses from North East. Given my special interest in the growth and development of North East, I also ensured my participation in all the G-20 business events hosted in various capital cities of North East. I believe, these have definitely contributed in creating awareness about opportunities amongst small businesses.”

The Ministry facilitated quick relief for 18 requests for assistance received from all across India on matters related to death of Indian nationals abroad. These matters ranged from the early repatriation of mortal remains to the quick issuance of death and other certificates by foreign governments.

He said, “Since July 2021, I have received 25 distress calls through emails and references for helping Indians in distress abroad. Majority of these cases related to Indian domestic service providers and care-givers in the middle-east. My office facilitated relief for these distressed Indians, by intervening and requesting Indian Missions for quick intervention. It is a matter of satisfaction that 21 of the 25 cases received have been successfully resolved in relatively acceptable time frame.”

During the Covid pandemic period and till end of 2023, there were considerable delays in granting of visas by foreign governments. During the period, he received desperate calls from Indian students with secured admissions in foreign universities for timely grant of visas. He said, “We could assist 134 Indian students for obtaining timely visa, to facilitate their timely travels for academic activities abroad.” 

Since July 2021, he received 45 passport related requests from all over India for various issues, ranging for early issuance of passports to issues related to police verification etc. These matters were promptly referred to the concerned officers, for necessary possible assistance.

Over the period since July 2021, he hosted as well as participated in approximately 250 meetings with foreign dignitaries and Indian officials to execute his allocated responsibilities in the Ministry of External Affairs.

Since July 2021, he undertook 56 visits to his constituency to interact with my constituents and other stakeholders and deliver his responsibilities as the Member of Parliament. During the same period, he also undertook 97 local tours to various parts of India, to spread the key messages from the Government led by the Prime Minister, mostly in various colleges and universities, across India during public meetings and lectures.

Since assuming office in July 2021, he undertook 20 foreign visits. Apart from engaging with the host political leadership, in all these visits he interacted with Indian Diaspora and prominent personalities, to give them a flavour of New India under the PM’s leadership. Interactions with the diasporas in 13 visits, were designed to encourage them for continued engagements with India, to invite them to participate and experience India’s growth story and to assure them of our support.