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TRIPURAINFO is the premiere website of the Northeast Indian state of Tripura. It was launched on May 26, 2001, with a view to providing overall information of this hilly state situated in the remotest part of the Indian sub-continent. It is the outcome of the endeavour of a group of journalists who first felt the need of introducing this backward state  to the world. This land locked state does not have proper access to the outer world because  of its geographical isolation and constraints of transport and communication. Nature has  bestowed this state with its bountiful resource, but it still remains untapped merely because  of its location. This site thus put its first step forward to make people aware of Tripura's  existence.

Tripurainfo deals with the aspect of agriculture, which forms the backbone of the economy  of  this state. The quality of tea and rubber is of very high class but they cannot capture  the  wide market only because of lack of infrastructure, lack of publicity. This site hopes to  trigger the uplift of this sector. The scope of industry is also wide. Oil and natural gas is  being  found in plenty in this state. The ONGC is on with the drilling work and they are extracting huge quantity of gas every day. Various agro-based industries also have the scope to flourish in this state. The handicrafts and handloom industries of Tripura have earned worldwide fame. The handicrafts of this state are much sought after by the foreign visitors.

The state is bounded on three sides by the 856 km long international border with Bangladesh. There are various mountain ranges and rivers flowing through this state, which provide a scenic beauty to its landscape. There are various tourist spots of great attraction. This website provides you with all the information regarding the journey, the stay,the places of visit etc. The site acts as your best guide in this regard. Do visit the site and explore the places of historical importance, which will also be your place of interest. The state of Tripura has a long and rich culture. It was a princely state before its merger with the Indian union on 15-12-1949. The site is here to project its culture to the world. Sports is another arena here and if proper infrastructure is available, it can really contribute its share to the national level. The site also provides space in which one can advertise their products in the worldwide market and carry on with the business sitting at home. The govt. advertisements is available in this site to which you can have easy access from your sitting room. The site also provides access to various educational advertisements. The researchers can also benefit from the various articles, data and statistics displayed and preserved in archive in the site. Looking for a match??? No problem! The site is immensely happy to help you get your lifelong partner. Last but not the least, the site provides you with the latest news update of the state and its adjoining areas. We fervently hope that we will be able to serve you to your satisfaction. Once again we request you to visit our site and help us reach you and your friends anywhere across the world. Your valued suggestions will be a great asset to us. You may e-mail us at: [email protected]