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  • M/s has set up a Call Centre with required infrastructure viz. Room, Hardware, Software, Furniture, Interior Decoration, Telephone Connectivity with sufficient manpower etc with inbound and outbound call facility through a BSNL land line Number 0381-2413946.

  • M/s will operate the CALL CENTRE in two shifts at morning 8 AM to 8 PM at night in initial stage and, if demand rises, make three shifts, so that 24X7 services can be made available.

  • Interested Autos/Taxis, Doctors, Electrician, Plumbers, Masons, Carpenters, Travel Agents, etc of Tripura can be requested their names with the CALL CENTRE by paying a minimum monthly or annual token fees.

  • Everybody who wants to register his/her name with CALL CENTRE need to sign an agreement with M/s

  • Verification of proof of address will be done by the M/s in a very strict manner.

  • After getting a call from any customer for specific service, the particular service provider will be informed of the same with the customer’s address.

  • Preferred selection of the service provider will be made from same locality from where customers call being made. If not available in the same locality, then service provider from nearby localities will be searched for the same job.

  • There is no pre-fixed fees of services rendered. The fees will be charged to the customers directly by the service provider according to the quality and quantity of service made available to the customer.

  • M/s will also take appropriate action against the service provider if any complaint comes from the customer’s side in regard to services rendered.

City Office:
HGB Road, Post Office Choumohoni, Beside Tripura Women's Police Station, Agartala, West Tripura, INDIA.

Corporate Office:
VIP Road, Lichu Bagan, Agartala, West Tripura, INDIA.
Phone: (0381) 241-3946, Mobile: 9436122741, e-mail: [email protected]

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