BJP Needs To Do More To Accommodate The Muslims

Sagarneel Sinha

BJP led NDA government already completed four years in power under the strong leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Today, the country’s political scenario is dominated by the BJP led NDA with governments in 19 states. But the saffron party has still failed to improve its image among the Muslims. Muslims are the second largest religious group in the country consisting of around 14% population. This 14% represents 11% of global Muslim population, the third highest Muslim population only after Indonesia and Pakistan.

It is to be mentioned that during the last 2014 Lok Sabha elections, around 8.5% Muslims voted for the BJP, double than its earlier percentage of 2009 elections. However, this was despite the argument that the BJP is an anti-Muslim party and its then Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi being an anti-Muslim face. This 8.5% Muslim support was rather higher than the community’s support to other self-called secular parties like the Left (6.4%), BSP (3.7%) and the AAP (2.3%). But it is also true that a majority of the Muslim community doubts the Modi led BJP government. This is because of the government’s weak actions on splinter Hindutva fanatics who allegedly attack on the community in the name of cow protection. However, these attacks are many times blown out of proportion by the opposition Congress and its Left and intellectual supporters, but silence and inactions from the dispensation on many instances formulate such claims look more true than actually they are.

There have been many cases where BJP leaders are accused of violent speeches against Muslims. Though the ruling party tried to cover up, the actions followed were simply not enough. Also, BJP’s denial of tickets to Muslims in many states add more worries among the community. In the just concluded Karnataka state elections, BJP didn’t give a single ticket to the community, as done earlier in Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand. Though there had been examples where party fielded Muslim communities in some states. It has two Muslim MLAs in the present assembly of Rajasthan, one being the minister of Public Works Department. Despite that, the community’s relation in regards to the dominant BJP remains colder.

Irony is that Muslims had always been treated as a vote bank. Despite the 55 years rule the Congress party, whom the Muslims had always preferred, failed to improve the conditions for the community. The party only talked of Muslims during the election seasons and this twisted secularism gave rise to insecurities among the majority Hindus. Despite the so-called concerns by the “seculars”, Muslims remained the most backward religious community both economically and socially and also with less access to education. However, with change of time, gone are the days when Muslims used to think BJP as “untouchable” and vice versa. Seems that the party is realising the political changes among the community. Government’s recent support for the Triple Talaq Bill has bettered the party’s image among a considerable section of Muslim women which has added a little growth of community’s support for the BJP. Also, the government’s decision of terminating the male escort for a female Haj pilgrimage besides ending the Haj subsidy and diverting the saved Rs 700 crore for the education of Muslim girls evoked a good response from a sizeable Muslim women community. BJP’s recent nomination of around 800 Muslim candidates in the Panchayat elections in West Bengal from only 70 in the past elections is an attempt to bridge the gap between the party and the community. Then why the BJP allows the splinter Hindutva fanatics to tarnish its progressive image? It's high time that Modi and his party BJP should analyse on this which would help the party in states like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, Karnataka, Assam and Jammu & Kashmir where the party is bound to always minus the Muslim votes. In the recently held bypolls in Kairana and Noorpur of Uttar Pradesh, the most politically significant state, the united opposition defeated the BJP by polarising the Muslims against it. Had the BJP accommodated the Muslims, there would have been no polarisation and no cheers for the opposition. So, in order to make its own slogan “Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas” meaning “Collective Efforts Inclusive Growth” a success, BJP needs to be more inclusive towards Muslims. This would surely sent a strong message to the community and reduce their worries. This would also ensure a sizeable Muslims vote for Modi led BJP in the coming 2019 general elections aiding it in tightly locked constituencies.

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02/07/2018 13:19:31Sumitra Dassumitradas.sagar@gmail.comNice article sir, keep writing.
02/07/2018 13:58:44Tasmita Ghosh123agartala@gmail.comMay be you are right. BJP needs to be more inclusive towards Muslims. Well wrote.....
02/07/2018 14:00:16Ramlal Sarkarramlalsarkarscout@gmail.comSir, you nicely presented the real fact of Indian Muslim religion of the real society in your article.
03/07/2018 06:25:09Trinabhtg2018@gmail.comI think your analysis is true and agree with you.
03/07/2018 07:22:10subhajit paulspauldeep@gmail.comDOING GOOD THINGS FOR MUSLIMS, DOING GOOD THINGS FOR HINDUS... WHY NOT FOR THE HUMAN
04/07/2018 07:57:07Gouri Duttaduttagouri86@gmail.comIt is really fact to BJP Govt they are always busy to development to the country but without Muslim development it's not possible. India is an Secular country we all know that.
12/07/2018 12:45:48Susmitasusmitachanda93@gmail.comThe relation between Muslims and BJP in this article is well described, good information.
12/07/2018 12:47:38Tamoyt_moy@gmail.comYes, BJP needs to be more inclusive towards Muslims.
13/07/2018 09:20:05Tanu Debtanuagt456@gmail.comIt is really fact to BJP Govt they are always busy to development to the country but without Muslim development it's not possible. India is an Secular country we all know that.
13/07/2018 09:27:19Das guptadaslkj456@gmail.comThe relation between Muslims and BJP in this article is well described, good information

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