Plantation Festival initiative in Tripura

Shri Pawan K Kaushik, Scientist, Forest Research

The FRC-LE planned to introduce the concept of ‘Plantation Festival Initiative’ for Barkathal Village Cluster. The local community has also welcomed the idea and gave it a local name in Kokboroak language as "Bufang Kaimani Ter".

Bufang Kaimani Ter (Plantation Festival) will be aimed to make a memorable plantation event for the village cluster so that they celebrate it during every rainy season and also demonstrate it to other villages every year. The whole event comprises of 4 phases: (i) Planting saplings, (ii) Eat a Meal together, (iii) Play Sports, (iv) Cultural Events.

Shri Kaushik said that, Bufang Kaimani Ter (Plantation Festival) will be an Ecologically Sensitive Cultural Intervention and will be led by the local community. Saplings will be arranged by FRC-LE; however entire event-coordination and post-plantation supervision will be taken care of by the villagers. Next village level preparatory meeting is scheduled for June 30 to plan for the celebration of the Plantation Festival on July 5.

Shri Anil, the Lead volunteer is inviting interested Citizens and Organizations in Tripura to join and support this event by registering with us at / WhatsApp @ +91-94900 69000.

Background: We see many people complaining about increasing temperatures in hot summers but find least number of people, who make an effort for planting trees when rainy season arrives..! Why don’t we act, when nature gives us an opportunity to plant and survive? Shall we take the opportunity provided by the nature and also by our villagers in this rainy season to contribute to raise plantations?

Questions: Rainy seasons Come and Go but how many of us plant trees?! Are we crossing years as mile stones but forgot to go for planting trees as our responsibility?!! Ex: If we are 20 years old, we should have done plantation activities at least during every rainy season for the last 15 years!! Could we effectively used these rainy seasons to increase the green cover and ensure ecological security for our future generations?!

Plantation Festival is proposed to address this issue and celebrate planting trees as an act of ensuring “Ecological Security for the Future Generations”, besides establishing peace and uphold universal brotherhood in a joyful mood where entire village population is invited as a family to participate and contribute to the service of the mother nature for our sustainable future.

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28/06/2018 20:00:20Kripanu Sinhakripanu@gmail.comSir, must needed initiative. Wish for success
29/06/2018 13:35:58Sumitra Dassumitradas.sagar@gmail.comTree Plantation is needed initiative for our future. Wishes for success.
01/07/2018 11:17:03Goutam"If you cut a tree, you kill a life. If you save a tree, you save more life. If you plant a tree, you plant more life." "Questions: Rainy seasons Come and Go but how many of us plant trees?" It's realy true sir at a present time we are not care tree plantation and it is very bed news to all of us.
01/07/2018 11:21:54Ramlal sarkarramlalsarkarscout@gmail.comTrees are our best friends. So, we should not cut and use trees at random. Rather we should plant more trees for a healthier, happier and better life.
01/07/2018 11:49:51SUBHAJIT PAULspauldeeep@gmail.comVery good initiative taken... i will also participate in this
01/07/2018 13:03:58Tasmita Ghosh123agartala@gmail.comThis plan of 'Plantation Festival Initiative' FRC-L is good. It is a delightful mood for all of this festival and the balance of the environment is also protected.
01/07/2018 13:25:03Arnab Dattaarnabdatta1977@gmail.comNice article . Tripura is facing dust pollution and tree plantation is must. As we care our children, same we have to plant tree and care.
03/07/2018"Plantation Festival Initiative" have been taken from FRC-LE.
10/07/2018 12:36:49kakalik_saha123@gmail.comThe whole idea of "plant festival" is very nice, and you have given a nice description about the festival in this article.
12/07/2018 04:04:58Dr G B Singhreccsbagt@rediffmail.comWonderful and novel idea. should be spread and continue this efforts and killing/cutting the trees should be taken as social evil and each one must have minimum five trees in his/her name. Thanks for this initiative. pl continue .......

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