Real Life Story of Tripura's Super Hero Swapan Debbarma

Sukla Singha

If you'd watched his interview on PB-24, you would realize how down-to-earth the man is. While the newsroom was flooded with good wishes and applause for his extraordinary act of saving more than two thousand passengers on a June afternoon, the hero sans a cape (title courtesy: Virender Sehwag) and a so-called 'linguistic sophistication' was only quietly listening to the umpteen number of phone calls pouring in at the studio.

But trust me, all this while, HE didn't blush even for once! It was as if he was pondering about why the people of Tripura were suddenly going gaga,congratulating, appreciating and showering him with all love, affection and attention, addressing him as their superhero, wanting to meet him, hug him and even finance his daughter's education! Why? Because perhaps our man didn't even realize what a saviour really meant. Because perhaps he didn’t know saviours are to be hero-worshipped. Because perhaps he was just being one without any brouhaha!

He didn't want any recognition or bravery award from anyone. He didn’t even want to go find food for his hungry family on that humid afternoon. All he wanted was to alert the people on the passenger train, of the impending danger. And he did that with whatever stuff he had access to at that point of time. He couldn't afford to wear a wrist watch but still could guess the exact time of the train's arrival. In fact, instead of moving ahead in the woods, he chose to stay back with his little daughter and never lost sight of the broken railway track. He didn't carry a mobile phone that could give and take lives through a WhatsApp ping, but flaunted only a torn dusty dirty old magic towel sans jingoism and vote bank politics. He saved those people, not because he wanted to become a hero in the public eye, but just because he felt he must do so, even if it meant risking his own as well as his little daughter's life. And look at the courageous little one who decided to stand by her father's side!

I wish our hero gets all the recognition and honour that he truly deserves. I wish him a financially stable and peaceful life. I wish his family be healthy and his children receive a good education. I wish he remains this shy and humble. But at the same time, I have my fears too.

What if, in the middle of all such recognitions, awards and applausescoming his way, he becomes a victim of the country's politiscape? What if such newfound material prosperity makes him cut off the umbilical cord with his natural world – forests, hills, rivers,where he grew up and learnt that he doesn’t at all require modern gadgets to keep himself updated about the events of life and death? What if his innocence and simplicity is lost in the hullabaloo of heroism?

I wish he goes on saving hundreds and thousands of lives like this, without caring for his own. I really wish he never realizes his true worth, forthe moment he indulges into that sort of a thing, I fear, Swapan Debbarma –the man who defied death, the saviour, superhero and master magician, would meet Irom Sharmila's fate.

23 June, 2018

Agartala, Tripura.


Sukla Singha teaches at a school in Tripura. She can be reached at

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25/06/2018 11:50:35Ramlal Sarkarramlalsarkarscout@gmail.comour hero gets all the recognition and honour that he truly deserves. we are proud of swapan debbarma work. It is inspiration to every people
25/06/2018 13:05:05Gouri Duttaduttagouri86@gmail.comPeople like Swapan Debbarma are very few in our country...He is the man who defied death, the saviour, superhero and master magician.Heads of to you Tripura's Super Hero Swapan Debbarma.
26/06/2018 08:51:39subhajit paulspauldeep@gmail.coma brave heart, a down to earth person... saved many lives... true inspiration for all mankind
26/06/2018 17:09:32ddlongtorai@gmail.comA true selfless humble human being came to the notice of civilised society. May god give him all fortune to have a respectable life for him and his family. His sweet adoring daughter will see this world with feeling of heroic deed done by his father and she was the prime companion and witness of this commendable deed. Every soule small or big, poor or rich must have a sense of feeling for this wonderful mankind like Swapan to feel proud of. Well done Ms Sukla Singha for bringing out so nicely, the sense and value of humnan life felt by Swapan for stopping a catstrphic disaster. The reaction of Irom Sharmila was a protest against an alleged wrongly imposed policy, but here Swapan acted spontaneously out of a call from his innocent selfless soul.Swapan may be a poor, ignorant, illiterate un-noticed person, but he has a great soul, without any dirt, felt for thousand unknown fellow human being and that drove him to become the brave saviour. I salute him.
27/06/2018 02:26:35S debbarmadebbarmaaussy@gmail.comVery well thought writings.True to the fact he didn't want any reward for saving lives.Thanks to the sensible citizen of our Tripura who showered him the praises and rewards he deserve. But if you introspect the kind of life people are living in remote areas of tripura,super hero swapan debbarma is an example who never received any Govt aid or development which the govt is announcing for last few decades.I hope the current govt takes it seriously not only to reward Swapan debbarma but also take little initiative to develop the place he hails from.At least a proper system to help educate the children of the poor people like him,identify them as vulnerable people who needs urgent attention of the govt to setup promote self help group or macro economical effort to uplift them. Reward and photo poses should not be the end of Swapan debbarma.Govt specially Tribal welfare deptt must give all efforts to uplift the village like swapan debbarma's.
29/06/2018 15:26:04Angshuman Deyangshumandeyifs@gmail.comI really appreciate this simple man and his daughter. He could have ignored the matter but he did not. However, an important issue is getting overlooked. Railways should immediately look into the incident, hold inquiry if required and put in plane a system to ensure safety of the tracks. Because next time people may not be that fortunate to have Swapan Debbarma and his daughter noticing the track breach.

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