‘Yuba Morcha’ worker suffers head injury in factional clash over share of booty from land deal in Bishalgarh office tilla, tension

By Our Correspondent

Agartala, November 20, 2023

The culture of arms and clash of self-interests always look for targets and victims , specially when big money is involved. This is exactly what is now happening to the ruling party as evident from an unsavoury incident in the office tilla area of Bishalgarh yesterday. A leading ‘Yuba Morcha’, youth front of the ruling BJP, worker had been struck on the head by a sharp-cutting weapon in office tilla area of Bishalgarh yesterday because of a dispute over a piece of land that rival groups of ‘Yuba Morcha’ was trying to sell. The injured ‘Morcha’ leader Mithun Saha was referred to TMC hospital at Agartala from Bishalgarh last night and is now struggling for life with head injury.

Sources from Bishalgarh said that after launching inquiry into the incident police came to know that two rival groups of ‘Yuba Morcha’ in Bishalgarh area and old market area had been engaged in a fight over a long period of time over contract work negotiation, sale and purchase of land and other profitable business. During the left rule a group of CPI (M) supporter youths had tried to grab a land in office tilla for sale but they retreated after change of government . However the two factions of BJP’s ‘Yuba Morcha’ had also been trying to grab the land in Chandan Nagar area and things came to a head last night as the old market group of ‘Morcha’ workers attacked Mithun Saha in office tilla area and hit him hard on the head , assuming Mithun had been the key behind the office tilla group.

Shortly after the attack two youths of the old market group Suaradip Modak and Papai Majumder tried to file a FIR against Mithun and his followers with the false charge that they had attacked the complainants . Realising the ploy police took note on a GD entry and launched an investigation but there has been no arrest so far . Sources said the clash between two groups is likely to escalate in the coming days over the already disputed and other lands and contract work negotiation business.

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