Strange things are going on in TSECL, Consumers are forced to buy conductors for new installation, even for repair old connections

By Our Correspondent

Agartala, November 20, 2023

So many Strange things are still going on in Electricity Corporation of Tripura. It is known that the electricity corporation's stores do not have the stock of wire and consumers are being forced to buy conductor wire for repair and new electricity connection with strange reasoning. This illegal and cheating business has been going on for several years now. The MD of the corporation himself knows this. But even after that, consumers' pockets are being cut.

Complaints have been received that many houses or shops could not be connected to electricity till Sunday morning in the Agartala city itself damaged due to recent cyclonic storm.

It is allaged that the State Electricity Corporation does not have the necessary cables for power connection and service connection.

For the last few years, the lack of this cable has been disrupting the electricity connection of the corporation. Advance payment is being sought from consumers for this cable. But recently many electricity consumers affected by the storm have bought electricity conductors from the market in exchange for cash.

The field level engineers of the Corporation are in trouble due to the cable crisis in the power connection after the power failure across the state due to disaster. Allegedly, the repair work is taking longer due to lack of adequate manpower and vehicles along with lack of accessories.

It is learned that there is no stock of cables in the corporation's store to provide electricity to people's homes, shops, etc. Many other essentials are also not in stock. And because of this, the people at the field level of the corporation have to be in trouble.

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