Rajnath Singh questions ‘Tipra Motha’s emergence as a party, asserts BJP is honouring and enriching the tribals

By Our Correspondent

Agartala, February 8, 2023

The union defence minister Rajnath Singh who addressed two poll rallies in Kailasahar and Agartala yesterday questioned the very rationale of the existence of ‘Tipra Motha’ as a party in Tripura. He asked where there was need for a separate party when there are so many parties in Tripura. Rajnath took the name of ‘Motha’ supremo Pradyot Kishore 7/8 times and said that Pradyot Kishore himself does not know what he actually wants in politics.

“BJP is dedicated to the welfare of the tribals across the nation and that is why BJP has made a tribal lady Draupadi Murmu the president of the country despite opposition from parties like the Congress and CPI (M) ; this happened because of our commitment to the welfare of the tribal communities which is reflected in Tripura also” said Rajnath. He said that even in terms of budgetary allocation BJP’s commitment to the tribals of the country is reflected. “In the year 2014 the central government headed by us had allocated Rs 21 thousand crore for tribal welfare but this year’s budget has allocated Rs 88 thousand crores which speak volumes about our commitment to the tribal people”said Rajnath.

He said that BJP is in politics not only to achieve power but also to bring about socio-economic transformation in the country. “The tribals of Tripura have also been benefiting from the various tribal welfare schemes of the central and state governments and this will continue; we are keen to further empower the ADC also and this will happen sooner rather than later” said Rajnath.

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