Himanta says CPI(M)-Congress combined is a disruptive force, defeat them

By Our Correspondent

Agartala, February 8, 2023

BJP has liberated you from the terroristic activities of the Communists who used to collect subscriptions from your legitimate income, force you to walk in their procession and now vote BJP to retain this right. Chief Minister o Assam Himanta Biswa Sharma said this while addressing a series of public meetings in different places of the state.

He said during the Left Front government attending the party meetings and rallies was a precondition for getting any government benefit which was totally illegal and unethical. The BJP not only abolished these unethical activities, also increased the government benefits much fold.

These positive activities of the BJP government have created a massive impact in the state and people are happy. They are realizing that if the BJP comes into power for the second time these facilities will be further extended.

He said the Congress and CPI(M) have realized that returning to power for them will become impossible if the government’s spree of distributing benefits can’t be stopped. They have formed an alliance only to sabotage these Good works of the government and create an atmosphere of uncertainty. He told the people not to be misguided by their faults in propaganda.

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