Mafia don and ‘supari’ killer arrested with arms and ammunition from Chhinaihani area near airport

By Our Correspondent

Agartala, January 25, 2023

Despite Election Commission of India (ECI) induced police action to maintain law and order, a notorious mafia don and ‘supari’ (hired) killer identified as Biman Das was arrested yesterday by the personnel of airport police station from Chhinaihani area near the airport. The police recovered a factory-made pistol, two magazines and 46 rounds of ammunition from the nabbed don.

Police sources said that the operation to nab Biman Das had been conducted on the basis of a tip-off. They further said that nabbed Biman Das, a resident of Gandhigram area , is involved in a large number of crimes and he was also one of the key suspects in the firing upon two persons in Natun Nagar area two months ago . Besides, Biman Das is also a smuggler who regularly sends contraband cough syrup like phenseydil across the border in an illegal way. “We had been looking for him ever since the incident of firing upon two persons in Natun Nagar area and, based on a tip-off, we caught him yesterday in Chhinaihani while carrying out ‘Naka’ checking” said police sources. The people of Natun Nagar, airport and Chhinaihani areas have breathed a sigh of relief after coming to know of the arrest of criminal Biman Das.

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