Police giving contradictory statement about attack on BJP SC Morcha leader

By Our Correspondent

Agartala, January 25, 2023

The police are giving conflicting statements about whether the attack on BJP's SC Morcha Banmalipur mandal president Suman Das was due to political or business dealings. Shortly after the incident yesterday, after the initial investigation, the police said that there was no political connection with the attack on Suman Das. But shortly after the incident, the Chief Minister said that Congress miscreants were involved in the incident. At a BJP press conference yesterday afternoon, minister Ratan Nath and vice president of BJP state committee Dr Ashok Sinha said that Congress miscreants were involved in the attack on Banmalipur SC Morcha president Suman Das. Moments after the BJP leaders' press conference, the police updated the official Facebook page of the police again saying that the attack on Suman Das might have been due to a political dispute. The family members of the injured have also filed FIR with the police saying, the Congress miscreants attacked him out of a political dispute.

However, Police said in their first Facebook update after the incident yesterday that "One Suman Das was attacked this morning by a sharp cutting weapon in the Aralia Area, Agartala. He could identify and share names of two attackers during treatment. Both of them have been arrested. Prima facie it is a case of business rivalry. Patrolling has been intensified.

After the BJP's press conference later in the evening yesterday, the police gave a second update on the issue on their official page where Police said "In connection with today's attack on Suman Das, complaint from relatives also indicate political rivalry angle. This aspect is being followed up during investigation. Three notices on such named persons have been served in this connection.

Political analysts believe that the city police changed their statements due to political pressure.

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