BJP-CPI(M) clash at Ghosh Khamar in Belonia, police resorted to lathi charge, blank fire

By Our Correspondent

Agartala, January 25, 2023

Sporadic incidents of violence are going on in different parts of the state despite strong steps taken by the observers appointed by Election Commission. The latest such incident of violence has been reported from Ghosh khamar in Belonia where police had to resort to the lathi charges and then fire three rounds in the air to disperse the rioting supporters of BJP and CPI(M).

The rioting mob also ransacked one shop in the market where the rival part supporters took shelter. The incident caused panic in the area and additional police forces have been deployed to maintain law and order. Khokan Saha, Office-in-Charge of Puran Rajbari Police Station told reporters that the situation is under control and none of the sides has filed any complaint in the police station.

The CPI(M) had organized a bike rally on different roads of Rajnagar assembly constituency. The violence started rally came face to face with a group of BJP supporters at Ghosh Khamar Market area. Both sides pelted stones into each other and then turned into a hand-to-hand tussle. Several persons on both sides sustained injuries.

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