Advocate Purushottam Roybarman to contest assembly election from Ramnagar seat as independent

By Our Correspondent

Agartala, January 24, 2023

Senior advocate and human rights activist Purushottam Roybarman will contest the upcoming assembly election from Ramnagar seat in Agartala town. Making an announcement in this regard today an activist of the Tripura Human Rights Organisation (THRO) Mrinmay Chakraborty said that Roybarman will contest the polls on behalf of the rights body as a token of fight for restoration of democracy, rule of law and constitution as also for better relations between the tribal and non-tribal communities as well as to strengthen democracy and secularism in Tripura.

“We appeal to all the parties including the CPI (M), Congress and ‘Tipra Motha’ to lend support to the candidacy of advocate Purushottam Roybarman from the Ramnagar seat” said Mrinmay Chakraborty . He added that over the past five years the rule of law and constitution have ceased to exist and operate in Tripura and it is to focus public attention on these issues that advocate Purushottam Roybarman will fight the elections.

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25.01.2023priyabrata nath[email protected]then why as an indipendant candidate...and asking support from other parties... alone cant do anything .. rather sd join any party which he like...