Tipra Matha leaders brought forward new demand of independent and separate Tipraland state if not Greater Tipraland

By Our Correspondent

Agartala, January 23, 2023

In a press conference tonight, the leaders of Tipra Matha brought forward the demand for a new independent and separate Tipra State dividing the present state, if Greater Tipraland state demand fulfilled is not possible. This claim was made in a press conference at Rajbari in the capital. Senior Tipramotha leaders like Bijay Hrangkhal, Jagadish Debbarma, Poorna Chandra Jamatia and Mebar Kumar Jamatia were present at the press conference. Among the four leaders of Tipra Matha, Mevor Kumar Jamiatya is the only one who raised the demand for an independent and separate Tipra state.

An attempt has also been made to bring forward the argument that more money will be available from the central government if Tripura is divided and a separate independent state of Tipra is formed. But other top leaders of the party reiterated their firm stand on the demand for Greater Tipraland at the press conference. So, suddenly today, the demand for a separate independent Tipra state has been raised several questions that what the leaders of Tipra Matha really want. Even the head of the Tipra Matha Pradyot Bikram was never heard to talk about dividing Tripura into two separate and independent states.

Notably, Tipramotha is negotiating with the central leaders of the BJP over the poll allience for the assembly elections. In this situation it can be said with certainty that a new controversy has arisen in the state politics due to the new demands of separate Tipraland dividing the state.

Apart from the demand for a separate independent Tipra state, the leaders of Tipra Matha also said at the today's press conference that greater Tipraland issue is core ideological demand of Tipramotha. Without any written assurance they will never go for the alliance with any political party.

According to the Tipramotha leaders still date, they haven't received any written proposal or assurance from any national party and hence, any speculation in the media about TIPRA's alliance for the 2023 Tripura State Assembly Election is entirely baseless and holds no substance.

According to the Tipramotha leaders, "TIPRA is not merely a political party, we are in a movement and will not compromise on the hopes and aspirations of millions who have supported us throughout our journey, the Tipramotha leaders said this several times during the press conference today.

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