SDM , Longtharai Valley, writes to GM NF railway for stoppage of Agartala-Silchar express train at Manu

By Our Correspondent

Agartala, January 23, 2023

The Sub-divisional Magistrate (SDM) of Longtharai valley, Subhas Dutta , has addressed a letter to the General Manager of Northeast Frontier (NF) railway requesting him to arrange for a haltage of Silchara-Agartala (No-15664) and the Agartala-Silchar (No-15663) express train at Manu station for public convenience on January 19. In the letter the SDM said that before the outbreak of Covid-19 this train used to briefly halt at Manu, one of the busiest stations like Ambassa but after the outbreak of Covid the civil administration there had requested the NF railway authority to suspend the haltage at Manu in order to stop arrival of Covid virus carrying people in Dhalai district. In consequence the haltage was suspended but even after the restoration of normalcy the haltage has not been resumed.

Subhas Dutta, the SDM Longtharai Valley , said that he had received lot of deputations and representations from government and non-government employees, merchants and traders for resumption of the haltage at Manu for easier trade and commerce within the state and interstate level. He has also enclosed a memorandum signed by 148 people representing a cross-section of society to him requesting for government measures for getting the train haltage at Manu resumed. The SDM has requested the General Manager of NF railway to ensure that the Agartala-Silchar express train stops for a brief while at Manu in its up and down journey. The copy of his letter has also been sent to DM (Dhalai), divisional manager of NF railway at Agartala and Lumding for information and appropriate action. That the demand is popular and pressing is proved by the fact that a large group of people from Manu visited Agartala and met media offices with the plea that their demand be highlighted in the media.

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