BJP has not kept its word in the past, the experience is not good, so there is no desire to vote allience with any party: Pradyot

By Our Correspondent

Agartala, January 21, 2023

The Tipramatha party has not agreed on seats sharing with either BJP, CPM or Congress so far for the upcoming assembly polls. However, there have been several meetings between Congress's Himanta Bishwasharma and Tipra Matha's Pradyot Debbarman over the vote alliance. Pradyot Debbarman himself admitted about this meeting earlier too.

Pradyot Bikram also said that he talked to CPIM state general secretary Jiten Chowdhury and Sudip Roy Barman of Congress about vote reconciliation more than once. This is also revealed by Pradyot himself in the media today. But he has not yet produced any final political decision to implement the vote reconciliation. He and several leaders of his party said this today that until and unless they got the writing promise on greater Tipraland, they will not join with any type of polls allience to anyone.

However, today, a journalist of a BJP-affiliated TV channel carried a news throughout the day that BJP's vote allience has been settled with Tipra Matha. It is also reported that this afternoon the leaders of Tipra Matha and BJP will announce the final decision on the two parties' vote settlement in a joint press conference in Delhi. But at night Pradyot himself told the media that such news is not true. He will not go for vote conciliation with BJP unless a written promise is given. Tonight he once again said that in the past there was an unwritten agreement with the BJP on the IPFT party's independent Tipraland issue. But BJP has done nothing about it in the last five years. He still says that 'I cannot betray the simple people of my state'. He has made it clear that he has no intention of Vote allience with the BJP unless he gets a written promise.

However, on the summons of Pradyot Kishore, several executive members of ADC and the leader of Tipra Matha went to Guwahati today. But it has been reported that several leaders of Tipra Matha including Bijay Hrangkhal have gone to Delhi to meet highest level leadership of BJP. A local cable TV channel has also broadcast that there may be a meeting with the BJP's top leadership regarding seat sharing for the upcoming assembly polls again today afternoon. But Tipra Matha's spokesperson Anthony Debbarma clearly told that till now there has been no settlement of Tipra Matha's seats sharing with any party. He also said that they will not go to vote allience with any party unless they get a written promise.

In response to the question whether the Tipramatha party will have an alliance with the CPI (M) and the Congress Alliance, Anthoni Debbarma told Tripurainfo that if such a decision is taken, Pradyot himself will announce it to the media. These may be announced when Pradyot returns to the state on January 24. However, Anthani said that the call by the Congress and CPM leaders to unite with the intellectuals for a peaceful election has the support of all the leaders of Tipra Matha.

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