All secular democratic forces must come together for restoration of democracy, Manik

By Our Correspondent

Agartala, November 24, 2022

The CPI (M) politburo member and former chief minister Manik Sarkar yesterday renewed his call for unity of all democratic and secular forces for restoration of democracy in Tripura and unseating of ‘anti-people’ BJP government through democratic means. Sarkar was giving expression to his political ideas and views in an interaction with the media persons in Belonia after attending a programme organized by the party. “All democratic and secular forces must come together to restore peace and democracy in Tripura through an intense democratic struggle against the anti-people BJP” said Manik replying to various queries from the media.

He said that it would be senseless to think that all the problems of the people will be resolved keeping BJP in power because this party has been acting against the vital interests of people both at the central as well as at the state level. “They have not honoured a single one of the 299 tall promises they had made before the last assembly election in their so-called vision document and they have been ruling by force of arms; so we have to think without BJP , finding a democratic way to unseat them in the next assembly election” said Manik. He described as ‘imperative’ the unity of all secular and democratic forces which can be interpreted as a call for a pre-election seat adjustment and understanding of anti-BJP forces like the Congress in the run-up to the next assembly elections in the state.

He also rued the fact that the people belonging to the depressed sections of society are tfhe worst victims of BJP’s misrule and corrupt practices. “An elected government is supposed to work for the people in accordance with the provisions of the constitution and principle of the rule of law but Tripura has been witness to an altogether different reality over the past fifty six month; this must change and democracy and rule of law must be restored in this state” said Manik.

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