17th all Tripura Open Mega Quiz of Tripurainfo.com generate tremendous interest among people

By Our Correspondent

Agartala, November 24, 2022

The 17th edition of Tripurainfo's Mega Quiz scheduled to come off on November 27 has already generated huge interest and enthusiasm among quiz lovers across the state. Keeping in view the widespread interest among quiz lovers the organizers have decided to register one hundred more teams for participation in main competition as well as in audience rounds.

The Organizers said in a press release today, already more than 300 teams have registered online for the participation. Keeping in mind the seat capacity of Rabindra Bhavan, the organisers initially decided that six hundred contestants divided into teams comprising two each would be taken in the main competition. But more than six hundred contestants have already registered till today morning.

Many contestants could not register due to various reasons including internet issues. Many still want to enroll in order to directly participate in the competition. Many contestants and their parents are calling the organizers with request to register and participate in the scrutiny test. In view of that, the organizers have decided to allow 100 more contestants to register online to participate in the main competition.

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27.11.2022Kesab Chakraborty[email protected]Besides, information service , Tripura Info . com also entertains the people of Tripura , organizing a Mega Quiz programme . A lot of thanks.