Come out in open and determined resistance against the misrule of the BJP-IPFT government , Manik

By Our Correspondent

Agartala, November 23, 2022

The leader of the opposition and former chief minister Manik Sarkar sounded confident that the collective will of the people will lead to unseating of the ‘anti-people’ BJP-IPFT government in the next assembly election. “This government has proved to be a veritable disaster for the people of Tripura as it has failed comprehensively on all fronts and has only duped and deceived people; they have no moral right to stay in power ; so you have to come out in open and determined resistance to ensure a change of guard to save Tripura” said Manik. He was addressing a conference of ‘Tripura Brick Kiln Workers Union’ in the auditorium of the Bhanu Ghosh Smriti Bhawan in Melarmath area of Agartala. The conference was also addressed by CITU state president Manik De and general secretary Shankar Prasad Dutta and president of the Tripura Construction Workers Union Nirod Saha.

In his speech Manik said that towards the end of its disastrous tenure the BJP-IPFT government is trying to cheat people further by putting up big flexes, posters and sign-boards making tall but completely false and baseless claims. “But this postering which is another ‘Jumla’ will not save them and will never deceive people ; they have not kept a single promise and they have destroyed Tripura’s democratic fabric and rule of law” said Manik . He pointed out the various populist promises made by BJP in its pre-election ‘Vision Document’ like jobs with a ‘missed call’, regularization of the services of all irregular and contingent employees , upto date DA, 7th CPC and countless others , none of which has been fulfilled by the party.

Manik also asserted that the last fifty six months of BJP-IPFT’s misrule has been nightmare for the depressed sections of people like the tribals, scheduled castes and OBCs. “The BJP is now totally alienated from the people and having realized this they have launched a false campaign of calumny to cling on to power but this will succeed ; our duty is to come out in open and determined resistance against the politics of goonda gardi of BJP; the people are ready and keen for a change and our duty is to ensure a free and fair election ; this will lead to democratic unseating of BJP from power” said Manik.

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