BJP MLA Burbamohan Tripura resigns, leaves party to join ‘Tipra Motha’, resignation accepted

By Our Correspondent

Agartala, September 23, 2022

The disgruntled BJP tribal MLA Burba Mohan Tripura has finally cast the die today, as anticipated well in advance, by resigning from the assembly and party and joining the ‘Tipra Motha’ at the same time. A short while before the penultimate session of the assembly began at 11-00 AM as scheduled, Burba Mohan, accompanied by ‘Tipra Motha’ supremo Pradyot Kishore and just disqualified MLA Brishaketu Debbarma had appeared before the speaker Ratan Chakraborty and submitted his resignation, as required.

While receiving the letter of resignation Ratan Chakraborty requested Burba Mohan to delay his resignations as only a few months are left before the end of tenure of the current assembly and a last one-day session may be held to pass a possible vote-on-account. But Burba Mohan stuck to his guns and the resignation was accepted. After the trio had come out of the speaker’s chamber ‘Tipra Motha’ supremo Pradyot Kishore told media persons that Burba Mohan had resigned and joined his party. He added that a few more BJP MLAs might join ‘Tipra Motha’ very soon.

Speaking on condition of anonymity sources in the BJP however held the former chief minister Biplab Kumar Deb and his haughty arbitrary style of functioning responsible for estrangement of MLAs like Sudip Roybarman, Asish Saha, Asish Das and Burba Mohan Tripura. “Many other MLAs are disgruntled and the callous central leadership of BJP have made things worse by indulging Biplab for too long a time ; in fact Biplab should have been cut to size a long time ago but , in stead, he has been rewarded with nomination to Rajya Sabha” said a senior leader of the party, adding this will cost the party dear in the next assembly election.

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