Youths, students should be more vigilant against rule of BJP-RSS, Manik Sarkar

By Our Correspondent

Agartala, August 13, 2022

Opposition leader Manik Sarkar through his clarion calls has appealed to all youths and students to be aware about the division rule of BJP-RSS and has to play an important role to defeat fascistic rulers of the country.

Addressing a large gathering of students and youths at Paradise Choumohani area of Agartala city on Friday afternoon, ‘march for education’ all India Jatha organized by Students' Federation of India(SFI) and Tribal Students Union (TSU) with slogans of ‘save education, save constitution and save India’, Sarkar said that the entire federal structure of the country are in the threat due to police of the BJP led government at centre.

He said that the institutions, which were created to safeguard the constitution of the country were under attack due to their electoral gain .

Highlighting the poll politics of Tripura after formation of BJP led government in the state, Sarkar said that election has become a farce at the hands of the BJP as people in power are using money and muscle power to turn the people’s verdict in favour of them.

Mentioning the functioning of Indian parliament and suppression politics of ruling party, Sarkar asked ‘what is happening in the country and in both houses of Parliament, there is now scope for discussion on Bills and now parliamentary democracy is at stake.

Praising the SFI and the TSU for organizing the 'Save Constitution' rally, the former chief minister called upon the students and youth to raise their voices to protect the constitutional values in the country.

It was not only the mission of the freedom fighters to get India liberated from the British but also to form a country where there will be no economic and political disparity. Unfortunately, this is not fulfilled yet , said Sarkar.

He also alleged that in the name of Hindutva ideology, the ruling BJP are creating divisions across the country and spreading hatred against each other. He also said that BJP-RSS are not trying to rule the country through their ‘one party rule’ and for that purpose; they are adopting all fascistic tactics to deprive the people of the country from their fundamental rights. He reiterated that students and youths of the country be very vigilant about fascistic and division politics of BJP.

During the rally, some top national leaders of SFI also participated and addressed their gathering of students in Agartala.

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