Retrenched 10,323 teachers make aborted bid to join service, one teacher beaten up by BJP mafias

By Our Correspondent

Agartala, August 12, 2022

As announced earlier large number of retrenched teachers today made an abortive bid rejoin service across the state on the basis of RTI information obtained from supreme court that they had never been parties to the Tanmay Nath versus state of Tripura case that had led to en masse dismissal of the 10,323 teachers. In all the schools the heads of institutions had received their joining report and papers and forwarded them to respective inspectors of schools seeking instruction. The leader of Joint Movement Committee (JMC) of the retrenched teachers Kamal Dey said that in Maharani Tulsivati HS school the teachers trying to rejoin service had been waiting till evening as the headmaster could not take a decision; nor did he allowed them to join.

The teacher in charge of the Bhubonchara high school of Kamalpur and Damcherra high school receved the joining reports and forwarded them to respective inspectors of school for instruction. Kamal Dey said that in one instance a senior basic retrenched teacher who had gone to rejoin service was severely beaten up by the goons and thugs of local BJP and he is now in GBP hospital. In Mohanpur renamed as ‘Anubrata Nagar’ by local people a number of teachers tryining to rejoin were prevented from doing so on pain of attacks . “We condemn this attack on helpless and innocent teachers; the government should take action against such assailants” said Kamal Dey.

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