Industry friendly technology essential for Tripura: Prof. Ashish Nath

By Our Correspondent

Agartala, August 6, 2022

Prof. Ashish Nath, Department of Economics in Tripura University, a central university has said modern technology important to adopt here in Tripura for using local resources in order to do value addition that might help for getting higher price of products.

In course of conversation in an interview here at Doordarshan Tripura in Agartala has shared his opinion that informed as suggestions for development of the state to authority in view of consideration of developmental potentialities in the state. The state Tripura is geographically located in an area where the lots of potentialities easily available as strength for going ahead because the state Tripura has shared its’ 84 per cent of its total border area that surrounded by Bangladesh on its north, south and west and the length of its international border is 856 km.

Prof. Ashish Nath said, “In accordance with report the state Tripura imports more instead of exporting more in trade between two countries Tripura-India and Bangladesh and the products are maximum agricultural products exporting directly by the state Tripura to foreign but need to concentrate on policy for doing value addition of products because it gives comparatively higher price”.

The resources like rubber, jackfruit, pineapple and tea available here but the lack of proper technology that plays an important role for value addition of products is important for establishing new industries by dint of raw materials available in the state Tripura. In accordance with the advice of Prof. Ashish Nath the technology might higher from abroad also because technology’s role is more important for the development owing to do value addition of products with an eye to getting higher price of the product.

As the state popular for bamboo and there are many industries based on this getting response for the uniqueness quality of product made by artisans here in Tripura that also popular in the abroad, the initiatives need to be taken for giving benefits to farmers as much as possible to do their production activities continuously, said Prof. Ashish Nath.

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