Biplab still unreconciled to irrelevance in state politics , addresses people via TV channel, reaches Kumarghat by train

By Our Correspondent

Agartala, August 6, 2022

Tripura’s deposed chief minister Biplab Kumar Deb seems to be still unreconciled to his unceremonious removal from the top post and relegation to irrelevance in state politics. A clear indication of this was available today as the former chief minister addressed the people of the state through a favoured TV channel in a totally unauthorized and unsolicited manner. Even though the incumbent chief minister Dr Manik Saha had earlier called upon the people of the state through a televised speech to keep national flag hoisted in homes for three days to commemorate the 75th year of Indian independence , Biplab, still smarting under the humiliation of removal from top position, today took to his TV channel to resort to inanities like independence, commitment to the nation and patriotism. His sanctimonious bunkum had hardly any taker but Biplab had recourse to rhetorical flourishes hyphenated by singing of paeans to prime minister Narendra Modi to make his presence felt. How this exercise in flaunting self-importance will go down with the state and central BJP leadership still remains a matter of conjecture.

Apart from this, Biplab seems to be trying to launch a mass contact programme to regain his relevance in party as well as in state politics . He left for Kumarghat today by train to apparently attend a meeting, presumably organized by a few faithful as part of his mass contact programme to put pressure on central BJP leadership for a reconsideration of their stand on himself. He also enjoyed a few fistfuls of hot puffed rice to make the journey enjoyable . “During his four year and two months stint as chief minister Biplab had always used helicopter rides to visit even nearby places ; it is good now that he has realized the importance of travelling by train to keep in touch with people” said a detractor of Biplab in state BJP on condition of anonymity.

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