Resentment among examinees over withholding of JRBT results, state government’s dilly dallying

By Our Correspondent

Agartala, August 5, 2022

Growing resentment among unemployed youths over continued withholding of the results of the recruitment exam held by the Joint Recruitment Board of Tripura (JRBT) in August last year is likely to erupt in major statewide agitational programme soon. Many candidates for jobs who took the exam have started coming under a single banner to decide upon their course of action soon to force the declaration of results of the exam held on August 20 and 22 last year.

A statement issued by them said that the state government had paved the way for thousands of candidates from other states to appear at the exam for recruitment to category-III posts by not keeping any permanent residency bar either by mistake or by design to fleece money. But having realized the blunder and its serious consequences the government and the ruling party had got a case filed in high court by two persons known as Abhijit Paul and Chandan Debbarma after six months of the exam. The false plea of the petitioners was that they had failed to take the exam as they had got no vehicle to reach the exam centre. But there was no lockdown in the state at the time the exam was held and movement of people and vehicles was normal though only night curfew from 10-00 PM to 5-00 AM was in force. More than 80% applicants including thousands from other states could take the exam smoothly but Abhijit Paul and Chandan Debbarma could not. Even in exams of UPSC, TPSC, RRB and IBRS the general attendance is around 75%.

At the hearing of this false case the government’s panel lawyers failed to submit any paper showing there was lockdown in the state when the JRBT exam was held. The statement accused the state government of having resorted to a devious stratagem to avoid declaring the results for fear of untoward consequences. “In case an examinee commits suicide because of the inordinate delay in declaration of results who will be responsible” asked the statement.

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