12 sites have been identified to resettle 37,136 people in the state for permanent resettlement of Bru refugees from Mizoram

By Our Correspondent

Agartala, August 5, 2022

The process of permanent resettlement of Bru (Reang) refugees from Mizoram in the state is progressing. Altogether 12 places have been identified for resettlement of 37,136 people from 6,959 families. So far 3,232 families have been resettled at a total of 8 locations. In a press conference at the Secretariat yesterday, Punit Agarwal, Principal Secretary of the Revenue Department, highlighted various information about the Bru refugee resettlement process and said this. In the press conference, the Principal Secretary said that so far the list of names for area-wise resettlement of 2,486 families has not been received from the Bru refugee leaders. Out of the 12 identified sites, 8 areas of the state are undergoing vigorous rehabilitation. Already, forest clearance, land leveling, construction of brick roads, provision of drinking water and electricity, solar power system, construction of toilets, construction of schools, construction of health sub-centers, construction of residential houses, construction of common shelter houses etc. are underway in the rehabilitation area.

The 12 areas where all BR refugee families have been identified for permanent resettlement are Bongafa Para, Haduklau Para in Dhalai District, Kasku in North District, Waibuk Rhama, Ranipara, West Kalabari, Bhandarima Pushparam Para, Hamsapara, Khakchang, Ultachara, Gachiram Para, Shilachara in Gomati District and Kala Laugang in South District.

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