Congress certify commission but condemn police role in by-elections, to continue fight for democracy, demand repoll in three booths

By Our Correspondent

Agartala, June 23, 2022

The Tripura Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) president Birajit Sinha in his comment on today’s by-elections said that the election commission tried its best to make the by-polls peaceful and smooth but the role of state police was anything but good. “There were lot of disturbances and disruptions but most of the people who could vote gave votes for Congress candidates” said Birajit in an interaction with the media this evening in Congress Bhawan. He conceded that the incidence of mass rigging and booth rigging were not like what happened earlier in Civic Polls or Panchayat or Lok Sabha polls and in many cases common people , voters , security men and even journalists caught the fake voters red-handed. “ We demand repolling in Booth Nos 12,13 and 55 in 6-Agartala constituency for preventing voters from coming to cast votes ; we are also studying the voting profile of Town Bardowali constituency and then may demand repoll there also” said Birajit.

Birajit however asserted that unless major irregularities are committed by BJP with help of government machinery Congress will surely win both the seats of Agartala town and also perform well in Jubaraj Nagar assembly constituency. The Congress candidate for 8-Town Bardowali assembly constituency and former MLA Asish Saha who was also in the press conference said that Congress had taken a decision to form resistance squads but the election commission had not permitted this. “ But what were to do the people have done to stop rigging, fake voting and remove obstacles in the way of voters” said Asish. He added that the chief minister had not kept his promise of a fair poll and when he realized that he would lose set his hit squads upon common voters and the mafia elements did whatever they wanted by false voting, terrorizing voters and indulging in other malpractices. “But it is a good sign that people are now waking up and the ruling party will realize what is what to their cost” said Asish.

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